Lunar Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is a small Sri Lankan company dedicated to the production of low-cost healthcare software. It was set up in 2006 by a group of Sri Lankan business people from the sectors of banking, corporate law and travel to exploit developments in computerization and information technology.

For the first 4 years, Lunar staff worked on a project to store patient records in hospitals of the Eastern Province. Over this period, our staff equipped 28 Government hospitals with computers and software and trained the clinical staff to enter the patient record – NOT data-entry people. The project and our software (MDS) are described on the next page.

The software model that we adhere to, is to get the clinical staff to store patient records in the same way that they currently keep paper records. We believe it is too much to introduce computers AND to change the way records are kept at the same time. We make the computer screens familiar to the staff by copying the look of their existing medical notes. Another advantage of simple rather than complex medical records is that the software can be produced for low cost and requires very little staff training.

One hour to train an OPD doctor. Two hours to train a nurse or minor staff to register patients and print a health ID card and an appointment token. Do you believe it? We do it. Admittedly we do take another 2 hours teaching them to understand the computer and to type with two hands. But don't forget, over half of them had NEVER USED A COMPUTER IN THEIR LIFE. After 4 hours, their life has been changed for ever.

In the second 4 years (2010-2014), following on the success of the MDS project in the Eastern Province, we wrote a version of the same software using the open-source LAMP model (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). This we installed in a further 19 hospitals, bringing the number of State hospitals where we have installed electronic medical records in Sri Lanka to 47. The open-source software that we wrote (HHIMS) is described on the site .

Our logo, a brown and orange ring, was created as a stylized “LT” together forming the letter “Q”. This letter is displayed by ships entering harbour as a plain yellow signal flag (the nautical flag for “Q”) to indicate that there is no disease aboard. All our proprietary software currently in development has this letter in the name (Q-bill, Q-pad, Q-card, Q-notes, Q-token), Systems that we develop for clients are usually re-named by them. For example “HHIMS” is the name given by the ICTA to the open-source version of MDS that we wrote for them.

Create an edge in the information technology sphere,

by producing software on a par with international standards

Promote an environment for learning and personal growth of our employees

by providing leadership and direction

Build customer trust and confidence by providing products and services of high and consistent quality that provide value for money and benefits to the users

Establish harmonious relationships with the community and the Government

    Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA)

    Regional Director of Health Services / Kegalle

    Regional Director of Health Services / Colombo

    Regional Director of Health Services / Kalutara

    Regional Director of Health Services / Ampara

Dr. Denham Pole (MBBS, MD)

Health Care Consultant


Dr Pole started work as a practising doctor in the 1970s but soon specialized in public health and epidemiology, obtaining an MD in community medicine. Following this he worked for the World Health Organization as an epidemiologist in West Africa.

In the 1980s he worked as a consultant in health economics and public health in Switzerland. He became a senior program manager in the international department of the Swiss Red Cross in 1991 and for 10 years managed health care projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Egypt for the Swiss Government. From 2002-2005 he worked at the WHO country office in Colombo, Sri Lanka where he was involved in community health programs. His main projects were the JBIC-funded blood transfusion service improvement, the World Bank-funded North East Reconstruction Project, the Ratnapura flood response and WHO tsunami relief activities. From 2006-2009 he worked as a consultant for the Austrian/Swiss Red Cross to install electronic patient record systems in government hospitals affected by the tsunami and subsequently helped to produce the open-source version of the software for the Sri Lanka Government.

Mr.Thurairajasingam Senthilruban (B.E., M.E.)

Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Thurarajasingam Senthilruban obtained B.E. and M.E. Degrees in Software Engineering at Don State Technical University in 2005. In his last academic year he worked with Ramo Group as a database programmer and system administrator in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Following this in 2005 he worked in Eastern University Sri Lanka as an Assistant Lecturer in computer science at the Center for Information and Communication Technologies (CICT). In 2006 he worked as a Computer Programmer cum System Analyst at the same department at the Eastern University. In this period he was involved in developing the software MDS version 3 for Batticaloa Teaching Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Pole. As a Director of Lunar Technologies, he is responsible for software development, installations and supervising online support for the hospitals.

Mrs Mallika Maladugalage

Managing Director

Mrs Mallika Maladugalage is the Managing Director of Lunar Technologies. She was one of the founding Directors when the company was first established in 2006 and has guided its development for the last 8 years. Before that she was the Manager of NetCom Technologies which installed MDS systems in many hospitals in the Eastern and Central Province and was responsible for managing the initial programming of HHIMS. She has attended many international computer conferences and is well known for her work in advancing computerised medical records in South Asia.