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August 2017
Lunar Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, the leader in EMR development in Sri Lanka take pride in announcing today that we have been awarded the contract of consultancy for design, development and implementation of the Electronic Information Management System (EIMS) for the National STD/AIDS Control Programme including 27 clinics around the country by the NSACP, Sri Lanka.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care (Notes from the Internet)
- Denham Pole - July 2015
At its simplest, 'intelligence' is human mental ability. To cynics this is nothing more than the ability to get a high IQ score on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test. The test, mainly given to children and young adults, consists of a number of puzzles of varying complexity covering different types of problems that they may need to solve in their daily life, using only mental skills. 
The test has been continually refined in order to remove questions with cultural bias, so that it can be used to measure intelligence in children from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.(read more)

Base Hospital Panadura computerises the OPD Department

May 7, 2015: The first phase of the project to implement digital medical records in the Base Hospital Panadura (the OPD Department) has now finished with the completion of the 1-year HW and SW maintenance periods. The project, which was started in April 2014, consisted of computer hardware supplied by Sri Lanka Telecom, and software installation, adaption and training carried out by Lunar Technologies, Kalutara. The printers and labels for the patient health ID cards and the appointment system were provided by Markspen Labels, Maharagama and the appointment display screens by Damro, Kalutara.

Patients are now registered in the computer and receive a credit-card sized Health ID Card to carry with them. Each time they visit the hospital they can put this card under a reader and automatically receive an appointment. Large screens in the waiting area show them how long they have to wait and when they are at the top of the queue. The doctors record their medical details and order treatments, lab tests and medicines electronically without using paper. Medications are also dispensed from the computer record. Only lab results are still recorded on paper but it is planned to convert them to electronic records when the new lab equipment has been delivered. more

From April 2014 to May 2015, Lunar Technologies installed the beta-version of HHIMS (HHIMSv2) in the OPD department of this large provincial hospital. It is now running paperless.

Training and orientation mission on eHealth for 8 doctors to Switzerland
Meeting with WHO - Geneva
13-23 March 2015 -
Lunar Technologies organised and accompanied a team of 8 senior staff from the Western Province Health Services on a 10-day mission to Switzerland to learn of the latest developments in health care computing. Read more

Lunar Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is a small Sri Lanka company dedicated to the production of low-cost healthcare software. It was set up in 2006 by a in group of Sri Lanka business people from the sectors of banking, corporate law and travel to exploit developments in computerization and information technology. For the first 4 years, Lunar staff worked on a project to store patient records in hospitals of the Eastern Province. Over this period, our staff equipped 28 Government hospitals with computers and software and trained the clinical staff to enter the patient record – NOT data-entry people. (more)

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