EMR Installation Prices

·          The prices don't included travelling charges (this will be applied according to the location of your hospital / institution)

·          The abovementioned prices may vary depend on number of staff, amount of equipment and location (for visits) of your hospital / institution

·          Software customization / new programme modules also can be developed upon request. Conditions & additional charges will be applied

·          The details can be negotiated on special request (more equipment / more training)

·          Payment method information can be obtained by sending a request , by email (lnfo@lunartechnologies.net) or over the phone (contact us)

EMR Maintenance Price List

·          The above price table only applies to systems that we have installed. Prices are for standard systems and may vary depending on the size of the hospital, amount of equipment and location.

·          The service duration is negotiable upon special request (Longer / lesser than the mentioned period).

·          Payment method information can be obtained by sending a request , by email (lnfo@lunartechnologies.net) or over the phone (contact us)