As can be seen from the previous project, HHIMS initially concentrated heavily on a fast and comfortable out-patient record. The hospitals that were attracted to HHIMS were therefore those with heavy logistic work-loads in the ambulant section of the hospital. The ICTA was therefore pushed in the direction of covering all the functions of the OPD doctors that take up their time. As a result, the ICTA contracted Lunar Technologies to develop a number of additions to the OPD module of the initial system, taking it beyond the previous MDS functionality. These additions therefore involved mostly the out-patient department record, and were designed to make it more streamlined and user-friendly.

In the improved version of HHIMS the patients could be searched for automatically by the OPD doctor using a bar-code reader (see the reader on the doctor's table) and an OPD appointment system was developed. To speed up patient identification, patients were provided with a token for each appointment printed with a bar-code on a POS-printer. This made it very easy to look up the patient in the database and to display their past history on the screen. The Patient registration and the Visit medical record modules were also completely re-written.

This improved system was installed in the Dompe Base Hospital at the beginning of 2012 and is one of the most successful and heavily used of all the HHIMS systems up to date. It was also piloted in five other hospitals, 3 in Anuradhapura district, Dambadeniya and Kinniya. Although there were unique requirements in each hospital, the systems were installed in the same way in order to simplify the implementation, documentation and overall management of the hospitals in preparation for other future implementations throughout the country.