In September and October 2014, the database in the Base Hospital, Dambadeniya was converted from HHIMS version 1.3 to HHIMS version 2. This proved to be a difficult task due to the considerable changes to the internal tables that had been made after the first version was programmed (in particular the handling of medications and User privileges). However, it was possible to convert the data and transfer all the previous patient information into the new database. As the staff of this hospital are quite experienced in the use of the old system, they were able to point out features that were present in the first version that had not been fully implemented in HHIMSv2 This had the beneficial side-effect of testing the re-write to ensure that all the previous functionality in HHIMSv1 was available.

This conversion is not a simple process and has to be carried out by a programmer. It will therefore not be offered by Lunar Technologies as a standard package.