HHIMS is open-source medical record software developed for use in Sri Lankan hospitals. It stores the patient's clinical details during out-patient visits clinic consultations or when admitted to the wards and is designed to replace paper records. Medical details can be entered directly into the database as the patient is examined or shortly afterwards. Lab-tests, prescriptions and treatments can be ordered through the computer network and carried out without the need for paper records. One single screen can display an overview of all the patient's clinical details when they return for a further visit or when they are admitted.

HHIMS was based on software (MDS) initially produced by the WHO Country Office for Sri Lanka in 2005 and further developed in a project carried out by the Austrian/Swiss Red Cross from 2006-2009. The open-source version (HHIMS version 1) was programmed for the Regional Director of Health Services, Kegalle, by staff of NetCom Technologies in 2010. The main cost of this development was provided as a grant by the World Bank, channeled through the Information and Communication Technology Agency of the Sri Lankan Government (ICTA). (read more)