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Lunar Technologies is a digital clinical solutions provider and a well known company in Sri Lanka. We are peopled by staff with energetic, curious, experienced, and committed minds who are excited about solving complex medical problems digitally and ethically. Our company was conceived with a vision to leave behind a legacy of transformed peoples. As an organization we place high emphasis on working in partnership with our customers.

We change to match changing needs. As Charles Darwin said, it is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change. Our professionals take time to understand your organization and its needs, then re-engineer the processes and develop solutions which. at low cost, will provide you with systems that work for you now and will continue to work for you in the years to come. 

Our experience has taught us that for good solutions, you need creativity and inspired thinking, Our professionals believe in 'getting-things-done' and to do that they are prepared to listen to you and to share your horizons. You will be impressed with their Integrity, their Service, their Candor and their Kindness, as they strive to achieve Growth and Innovation for you and your organization in an increasingly competitive world where the only hope is to adapt to change. read more >>>

Our vision & mission

Our vision and mission is an amalgamation of our corporate philosophy and our motto of providing next generation IT services. To envision, design and construct the most magnificent and versatile medical software development, open source contributions and IT services. To contribute tangibly in overall success of our customers and provide highest return on investment to our customers. Quality, customer satisfaction, transparency and corporate responsibility are the pillars of our vision and mission and form the cornerstone of our approach that we bring to every engagement. In short our vision and mission can be easily summed up as,

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ChatGPT is an advanced AI chatbot based on a large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI that can engage in conversations that is more human-like than any known predecessors. The model can even respond to follow-up questions, recognize its mistakes, challenge incorrect statements, and deny inappropriate requests.

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to use our industry insights and experience to your advantage by providing you with innovative, high quality, superior, cost effective and just plain better solutions, that bring accuracy and efficiency to your work, satisfaction to your patients and their family, sustainability and transparency to your organisation, and health and happiness to the communities you serve. Where quality and low cost go hand-in-hand, people will see with satisfaction that a difficult job was well done.  

Meet our team

Our employees work with autonomy, mastery, and purpose to create work we can all be proud of. We believe in striking the right balance between work and play, treating everyone at Lunar Technologies as a trusted family member.

Dr. Denham Pole


Mrs. Mallika Pole

Managing Director

Dr. Richard Lugg

Consultant / Australian Representative

Mr. Senthilruban

Senior Software Architect / Director

Mr. Suminda Senaka

Consultant IT & Marketing

Mr. Julius Kumar

System Manager

Our product & services

Multi-Disease Serveillance (MDS)

Multi-Disease Surveillance (MDS) is a term made popular by WHO to underline their strong advocacy for complete health care and statistic collection that covered all diseases. This approach contrasted with the previously common but less efficient vertical approach to disease management where whole departments or even whole organizations threw all their resources behind the detection and treatment of one single disease. The phrase paved the way to the concept of wellness rather than health and made respectable the holistic or problem-oriented approach rather than a sharp focus on particular diagnosis. MDS was the perfect name for a database where patient data is entered immediately on any and every thing that might have malfunctioned.

The MDS approach encourages the clinical staff to refer to previous clinical records when the patient comes in for a follow-up visit, that really does "follow up", prints visit slips or discharge letters for patients, provides quarterly health statistics and prepares notifications of infectious diseases for the local Medical Officers of Health or provides detailed records to facilitate a tele-health consultation. The software thus significantly reduces the need for maintaining paper-based records and enables an improved and efficient service to the patient.

MDS offers many advantages to higher level decision makers in the health care administration in Government. It can help to detect and control emerging and endemic health problems, monitor progress towards health goals, and promote equity in health care by empowering the citizen with timely and relevant health-related information, and drive improvements in quality of service. From the point of view of the policy maker it strengthens the evidence base for formulating effective health policies, permitting evaluation of scale-up efforts, and enabling innovation through research and improves efficient use of resources by way of effective stock controls. From a clinical perspective MDS improves quality by giving timely access to important clinical information, mobilising new resources, and ensuring accountability in the way they are used. read more >>>

Multi-Disease Surveillance Foreign Medical Examination (MDS LITE)

This simple piece of software has been specially designed and developed to target private sector healthcare institutions where they perform medical examination for the people who go abroad as employees. This MDS-LITE has special biometric (fingerprint) identification to assure employer that the employee is one and the same person throughout the entire medical examination process.  read more >>>

IT & MDS training

Our IT & MDS training comprises two types of curricula, basic IT for all staff and technical for System Manager/s.

The basic training will be delivered to all clinical staff in the hospital who will be using the system to perform daily routine activities. This training contains three different sessions and all included with theory and practical lessons.

Addition to this, a technical training will be delivered to the System Manager and the other staff who will be maintaining the system in each hospital. This training will focus on the technical aspects of the entire system and its maintenance.

Under the Training of Trainers (ToT) approach, System Managers and Application Managers to be trained as Master Trainers in each Hospital to maintenance the MDS system (technical and application level) and to deliver the user training to the end users where necessary. read more >>>

System implementation & maintenance

We support all our customers with three types of maintenance services based on their requirements;

There are some more additional support also provided to the clients such as new modules or add-on development, special requirements and more. read more >>> 

Our clients

Ministry of Health

Sri Lanka

Information and Communication Technology Agency

Sri Lanka

National STD/Aids Control Program

Sri Lanka

BlueCross Medical Centre

Rajagiriya - Sri Lanka

Medilab Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Colombo - Sri Lanka

MediTrust (Pvt) Ltd

Colombo - Sri Lanka

Kien Khleang Leprosy Rehabilitation Center

Phnom Penh - Cambodia

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